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"Exploring Savannah: A Savannah, GA Travel Guide!

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Hiiiiii. I did a thing! (did someone say Savannah, GA travel guide?) But wait, let me back up a bit...

Y'all know my love for Savannah. And if you're new here, hi- I'm Kimberli & I am probably a little too obsessed with my city 👋.

Anyways, I've had this desire for so long to create something that involved Savannah, a way for me to get more involved & put my love to use. To connect more on a deeper level with the locals, share their talents and find a way to help those traveling here, plan the perfect trip.

Many have come to me over the years asking for tips while traveling here. And a year ago this month, this idea came to my mind.

To create a Savannah Travel Guide to share all my favs, tips & hidden gems. I wrote out a Google doc with ideas- then sat on it. For a while. I was anxious. I wanted to do this but never created what I was about to create before & had no idea where to start. Insert a sweet talented web designer friend of mine.

She heard about my idea. Was just as excited as I was & was like, let's do this. So for 8 months, I kept my head down & wrote out copy, took pictures, & researched anything else I should know. All while she CRUSHED building the website. She literally made my dreams come to life, and then some 😭🫶🏽I'm not crying.

& now here I am, officially announcing it to you all. If you've seen my stories on Instagram, you already saw the early announcement 😬 and if you haven't.. I'd like to welcome you to Cobblestone & Moss- a Savannah Travel Guide with your fav local, me.

So much work went into this. And it means the entire world to me. I've got big visions for this new biz & I can't wait to see where it goes. For now- I'd LOVE if you could give me a follow over @cobblestoneandmoss & if you know anyone traveling here (including you!), please send them my guidebook link. You can find it here!🩶

Lastly, to anyone reading this who has a vision or idea but keeps sitting on it, GO MAKE IT HAPPEN. It doesn't matter if you have no idea how it'll turn out. Chances are, it will turn out way better than you expected anyway. 🥳

So much love xo,


Founder of Cobblestone & Moss

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