What Is a Spoonie?

SO what exactly is a spoonie? I am sure many of you have heard or seen this term a bunch of times. 

A spoonie is one living with a chronic illness. 

This all started after Christine Miserandino wrote The Spoon Theory. 

Wooden Spoon

What Is The Spoon Theory?

In her story, Christine Miserandino uses spoons as an analogy for energy (the amount of energy she has for that day).


Have you ever heard a friend or family member say they are running low on spoons?  This simply means he or she is running out of energy- usually due to their illness or disability. 

Spoons represent energy- whether it be emotional or physical. Each day, we start with a certain number of spoons. Every action throughout the day uses some spoons up. 

The more demanding an action or task is, the more spoons will be used up. 

When there are a few or no spoons left, this is a way of someone saying they just need to rest and cannot do anything other. 

Sending all my endometriosis warrior 's extra spoons!