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Hi everyone. Kimberli here. If you are reading this, you may be feeling overwhelmed with your social media account. Running a business plus worrying about your social media can become exhausting + frustrating. That is where I come in. I love being able to help take that extra stress off of your shoulders, to help grow your business through social media. Are you also looking for basic virtual assistant work? Or are you an Etsy shop owner needing help with adding your items to your shop? I got you! So, schedule an appointment today for a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit for each other. Hourly + package options available based on your needs.  Let's customize your package to fit your exact needs and budget. 

Social Media Services 

  • Posting + scheduling content​ (Tailwind)

  • Writing captions

  • Content creation 

  • Engagement: stories, comments, likes

  • DM's, sharing posts

  • Follow/Unfollow

  • Hashtag research 

  • Page revamp- bio, highlights

  • Post sharing to IG, FB + Pinterest 

  • Instagram Audit 

Virtual Assistant Services 

  • Email marketing

  • Blog work 

  • Etsy Store set up 

  • Calendar work, scheduling


"As my SMM, Kimberli has helped me generate 16 new leads through her instagram engagement strategy! Kimberli has taken the burden of daily social media engagement off my shoulders so that I can focus on building relationships with potential new clients and spend more time generating content for my business platforms."

-Stina, Biz Coach & Founder of The Everyday Series

- - - - - 

Kimberli has a skill like no other- she has been able to grow my following from 50 to 170 in one month- but here's what's amazing. They are not just followers- they are my ideal clients that I would want to work with. Finding a target audience within your following is something Kimberli has gifted me with as a social media manager!

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