Why You Need A Videographer For Your Wedding

Many think having wedding photos is enough and pass on a videographer at their wedding. A piece of advice, you will want a videographer to capture moments you may miss or forget. We almost passed up hiring a videographer at our wedding and to this day, I am so glad we decided to go with one. Finding the right videographer for hire will capture all of the dancing, interviews, and memorable moments from your wedding on video that you can always look back on! Here are a few top reasons why you need a videographer at your wedding.

Your Vows, Music, and Toasts Cannot Be Photographed

While photographs are great, they just don't compare to video. Your wedding video will have music and capture the emotions of your magical day. Your wedding day will be a blur and what a great way to capture your wedding vows, the toasts and watch as your family watches you become a married couple. It really is like reliving the wedding day when you go back and watch the video. You may want to share the video on social media and/or email it to your friends and family. All in all, it's better to have hired a videographer and never watch it than not hiring one and regretting it years down the road.

Relive the Day Over and Over

A video means you'll get to relive some of your favorite wedding moments over and over. From your vows, your best man’s speech, or the first look at the gorgeous bride. And you'll be able to share these moments with your friends and family and perhaps you'll even show the video to your kids someday. You will watch the video more often than you think and it's a great way to mark your anniversary.

See Any Moments You May Have Missed

Your wedding video allows you to relive your perfect day at a much slower pace, seeing things from a new perspective and discovering moments you didn't know happened. After a few watches, you will have a whole new understanding and love for your big day. Sometimes wedding photos are far too posed. The nature of video means that it is easy to capture genuinely candid moments, largely because people forget that the videographer is there. Unlike photos, video is likely to capture more unplanned candid moments, giving you memories you didn't expect.

An Heirloom

Don’t think a video is worth it? Imagine how you would feel if you discovered your grandparents' wedding video. It would be the greatest heirloom and treasure of them all. You have planned for this day for years, dreaming of this moment since you were a child, if you want to be sure everything is captured with style, hire a professional video company, you won’t regret it!

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