Who Doesn't Love Knee High Socks?


Did you know, knee high socks have been around for a long time? Research has found that they go back to the Ancient Roman times!

While it started off as just fashion and fun, it soon became a sexy way for women to show off their legs while in short skirts in the 20's. Knee high socks became so wildly popular and acceptable that the style even carried over into the 30's. Some women began to wear them for sports as part of their team uniform.

When the 40's hit, knee high socks were no longer in. Full coverage stockings began to make their appearance. Bare legs were rarely seen. But as the 60s hit, knee high socks were back in, skirts were shorter than ever and that fun, flirty tempting look was becoming a hit again. Knee high socks remained a staple item throughout the next few years.

If you loved the 90s movie Clueless, you may remember seeing Cher rock them and making them look adorable! Or even Brittany Spears rocking them in her Hit Me Baby One More Time music video! Generations to follow continued to rock knee high socks. Whether the style was preppy or punk. It didn't matter.

Today, knee high socks are more fun than ever. From Halloween costumes to sports to women still loving it as a sexy outfit. They come in so many fun colors and patterns and are such a fun accessory to add to any womens wardrobe.

If you are looking for some adorable knee high socks, for any occasion, Chrissy's Knee High Socks are worth checking out. The Argyle pattern has been one of the most favorite styles for years. The Scottish Highlanders in the 17th century used to wear this pattern sock. Which is where this pattern first began.

Chrissy's Knee High Socks are made in the USA and offer fun and modern versions of this pattern. From bright colors to more subtle, you can wear these socks for any occasion! Knee high socks also make a perfect gift! And are perfect for any holiday! Whether you find pink ones for Valentine's Day, Red and Green ones to go with your Christmas outfit or Orange and Black for Halloween, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to show some leg or dress up your teams uniform, you will love these Argyle pattern socks. And the prices are good too! Cannot beat that! Shop and find all the fun colors here!

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