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When In Rome; Rome Day 3

It was a bit bitter sweet waking up this morning. This was our last full day in Rome and our last full day in Italy all together. In 24 hours, we would be back on the long plane ride making our way home to the states. And boy, I wasn't ready for that. But that was still 24 hours away, we still had the whole day ahead of us of more exploring and falling in love with Italy. So I had to put those sad thoughts to the side!

Hubby and I rolled out of bed fairly early, as we had scheduled tickets to tour the Colosseum. And because we decided taxis weren't our thing, we planned to walk there. And let me just tell you, it wasn't a close walk! So we quickly got ourselves dressed and headed out the door. After a few selfies of course.

As we walked from our villa to the Colosseum, we took in the early morning hustle and bustle. And before we knew it, we were standing there, with the Colosseum, right in front of us. At this point of the trip, I don't know how my jaw wasn't just permanently on the ground. Because, standing there, looking at the Colosseum, my jaw dropped, as it did with everything else we saw! We checked in with our tour group and then went and snapped some pictures while we waited to be let inside. When we purchased our ticket to tour, we decided to go big and upgrade to VIP to have access to the Gladiator entrance; the same entrance that gladiators once used for their battles.