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When In Rome; Rome Day 1

Morning came fast. It seemed to on the days we were heading to a different city. I was so sad this was going to be our last stop, but was really looking forward to seeing Rome this entire trip.

I took one last look at our balcony view, and then hubby and I headed to the train station. We left early, because we decided to walk it. If you can remember, our first day in Florence, walking from the train station to the hotel; was filled with lots of swearing. Well, you can imagine the same for this walk as well. We made it to the train station and on the train. For whatever reason, the space to put our luggage was a bit smaller than the other trains we had been on. My suitcase that was twice the size of me, was not fitting. Panic struck over me, but hubby was able to jam it into a spot. My only worry, will we be able to get it out?

The train rides to me were so fun. I took in every last bit of scenery I could on this one though, as this would be our last train ride through Italy. *cue the tears*. When the train stopped, I was so anxious! The older couple that was on the first train ride as us, and the second, were on this one as well! We decided to follow them again, but knew they would probably be heading to the taxis.

Sure enough, that was where they headed towards. The line was long and we didn't want to waist any time waiting. SO we started to walk. Hubby had said he knew where he was going. Love him to pieces but 10 minutes into the walk, those swear words were out in full force. Lost, hot, sick of pushing my luggage around (which he was able to pull out of the snug spot he stuffed it in on the train by the way!), I decided to wander towards the road. I learned how to wave down taxis when we went to New York. So I figured, I so had this. Sure enough I saw a taxi coming, my hand went up, the taxi pulled to the side. I was getting in and hubby was still lost in his map, not even realizing I had waved us down a taxi!

When he finally looked up he asked if that was for us. I nodded and he loaded his stuff in behind me. THANK GOODNESS I waved the taxi down. The drive from where we were to our hotel was, long. Not like ridiculous, but certainly too long