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We Came, We Saw, We Loved; Venice Day 3

I woke up sad. This was our last full day in Venice and from the moment we got there, I had fallen in love. But parts of me were excited too. Because our trip was really just beginning and we still had other beautiful places to explore.

photo by me
Saint Mark's Basilica

Because it was our last day, we decided to get an early start. We headed back to St. Mark's Square so we could get in line to walk inside the church. I know we had just seen this square the day before but it was even more beautiful the second time around. I stood there for a moment taking it all in. This was real life. This beauty was real. Something I still just could not comprehend. As we stood in line I was so excited. This felt like the 100th church we had been in, in the last 3 days. People had said we would tire of all the churches, but honestly, this was one thing I did not tire from. Each was different, unique and had their own sense of beauty. Being Catholic and Italian, I think made me appreciate them even more.