Top Reasons You Should Move to Jacksonville Florida

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Relocating can seem stressful. Maybe you are only moving a few miles away or maybe you are moving to a new state completely. Whatever the case, learning about where you're moving to first and all about the realtors who will be helping you find your dream home, can really keep that extra not needed stress moving already causes, at bay.

If you or someone you know is moving to Jacksonville, Florida and you are stressing about who there will be able to help you find the perfect home. Or reasons why Jacksonville is a great place to move, then this article is for you.

Erin King is a Ramsey Endorsed Local Real Estate Provider in Jacksonville, Florida. He is so proud of his third party affiliation and finding the perfect home for each client. He specializes in Jacksonville's historic neighborhoods, finding clients looking for an old home to restore and create new history and stories in it!

Erin wants nothing more than to make your move to Jacksonville, Florida as easy and smooth as possible. He prides himself in responding quickly to clients, paying close attention to details and clients needs and building a team who makes sure all transactions go smoothly! And if Erin alone isn’t one of the best reasons to choose Jacksonville, then here are 5 more reasons why Jacksonville, Florida is the best!

Strong Economy and Jobs

Jacksonville is home to many major employers like Fidelity, Aetna and more. It even includes a large military base and port. Job growth is indeed predicted to grow and Jacksonville has become known as one of the best locations for millennial's to find jobs.

Reasonable Cost of Living

Compared to other locations in Florida, Jacksonville is one of the most affordable cities to live in. It is less expensive than Miami and Orlando yet still provides beautiful beaches, weather, and all the amenities you can think of. Health care and groceries as well, cost lower in Jacksonville than in most of the state. But it is the affordable housing that drives people in.

Affordable Housing and Various Options

As stated above, Jacksonville is known for affordable housing options. Whether you are looking for smaller single-family community homes, luxury and gated community homes, homes in the suburbs, homes downtown all the way to old historic homes, Jacksonville has you covered. Because the homes in Jacksonville cost way less than the national average, it is very common that your dollar will stretch far, leaving you to be able to buy your dream home. And Compass Real Estate, Erin E King MBA, REALTOR®️, can help you find the perfect home.

Great Location

Jacksonville is located smack dab in the perfect place. With easy access to the Georgia border, you can get to all the most popular hubs: Atlanta, Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston, within a few short hours. Also for families with children, Orlando is an easy short couple hour drive too, so you and your family can enjoy Disney and all that Orlando has to offer, without actually living in the hustle and bustle of it all. Another plus, because of where Jacksonville is located, it isn’t often those living in Jacksonville will suffer direct hits from hurricanes.

Gorgeous Weather

Florida is the sunshine state for a reason. And you are sure to get some beautiful weather living in Jacksonville. Summer temps are warm and humid but there is always a nice ocean breeze. The winter highs typically top around mid 60's. It isn’t often you will see the temperature go below freezing.

Top-Rated Schools

This especially is an important reason for many families relocating who have school-aged children. Jacksonville holds the title as one of the top-ranked public schools in Florida. There are also numerous excellent performing private schools to choose from, leaving parents with many options. Whatever you choose, your children will be in excellent hands!

Outdoor Activities

Between the beach and beautiful weather, there are so many outdoor activities you and your family can get out to do in Jacksonville. There are 22 miles of wide sandy beaches for those who love to be by the water. From surfing, kayaking, diving, boating, fishing, swimming, water activities are endless. For those who like dry land a bit more, Jacksonville also hosts 70 golf courses throughout the area.


Activities are great but what about entertainment? The city does hold many festivals throughout the season including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. There is also the Jacksonville Zoo, plenty of shopping, restaurants, museums and markets! Sports lovers can also catch a football game at the Jaguar stadium, Minor League Baseball Game or even catch a hockey game!

Whether you are being relocated or looking for a new area to live, Jacksonville certainly tops it all. From good schools, a lot of things to do and cost friendly, there is no reason you would not want to call Jacksonville home. And Erin King can’t wait to welcome you to your new home and help make this process easy and relaxing for you! Are you ready to find your dream home in Jacksonville, Florida? Start looking at homes for sale in Avondale, today!

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