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Fresh Start; New Beginnings

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Ready to grow.

Ah, that feeling of starting over. From scratch. It's a bit scary, but also exciting. This past year was filled with lots of new beginnings, stepping out of comfort zones and starting over. That feeling of uncertainty each and every day not only made me sick to my stomach but eager and anxious to see where this new life was going to take me.

A brand new house meant all new furniture and décor. Of course, hubby wasn't too thrilled about that part. His, "why do we need new furniture" question rang in my ear daily. My reply, "Because we just do." But really it was because I watched too many Fixer Upper episodes.

Starting over, also meant new jobs and people in our lives. Both of which we needed badly. The idea of trying to make new friends at 30 years old was a bit intimidating. How do you even go about that? Do we join Tinder and say we are looking for friendships? Is that a thing? Luckily, Tinder was never needed and amazing friendships have started to blossom on their own.

This new begi