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The Unknown of Living With a Chronic Illness

girl sitting by window

As your alarm clock goes off, you roll over wondering what kind of day you are going to have. Living with a chronic illness means waking up daily filled with uncertainty. Will I be able to run the few errands I had planed or will I be stuck in bed?

Two weeks before Christmas I woke up with my throat on fire. Having strep throat many times, I knew this was exactly what was going on. I ran to the minute clinic where the doctor confirmed I was positive for strep and gave me antibiotics. I figured working in the school system and having a weak immune system, I was bound to get sick sooner or later.

The antibiotics worked fairly quickly but I was down for the whole week with a fever and just feeling like crud. I sorta have trouble relaxing when I am not well. I feel the need to constantly be doing things and getting things done (promise, it's something I am working on this New Year). By the time the weekend before Christmas arrived, the crud had gone and besides feeling exhausted, I felt better.

For some, the rest of this post may be TMI (too much information for those who do not know abbreviations ;) ). But for me, this is just another day in my life. And not only my life, for many other sufferers. Sunday before Christmas Eve, had marked a week since I had a bowel movement. Bowel trouble has mostly been a problem for me my whole life.