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People Pleasing Hides The Real You

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Not everyone will like you, + that's ok.

People pleasing. Something I have struggled with my entire life. Yearning for everyone to like me, need me, approve of me and be proud of who I was and what I was doing.

But the reality is, that isn't how life works. We as humans are not designed for everyone to like us. Something I was introduced to at a really young age. But never fully understood. That feeling of others hating you and judging you is hurtful. Really hurtful. You begin to feel worthless and neglected. But those moments when others give their approval and acceptance, you feel fulfilled and happy.

People pleasing can become a dangerous habit. Trying to feel fulfilled and happy consistently, means trying to please those around you. This can leave you drained and stressed. The constant search for approval means putting others needs before your own. You may even struggle telling others NO for fear of rejection or what others would say and think.