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Morning Routine Tips To Help Get Your Day Started

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Morning routines may not come easy to some. Especially when working from home. It took me years before I found something that worked for me + something I was committed to sticking with. I found with no set routine, I was getting nothing done. And majority of my days were spent being depressed and trying to figure out what I was going to do. And then becoming angry with myself when the day was over and I had literally absolutely nothing done.

I don't really know when I decided it was time for a morning routine, but one morning I woke up and knew I had to have one. If you are someone struggling with getting your day started, here are a few things I do every morning, that help me.

Morning Meditation

Before anything, I meditate. Meditation has become so good for my mood, my body + my mindset. I find it sets my tone for the day and allows me to start my day calm and less anxious of all the things I want or have to get done. I use an App called Insight Timer and I love it. It is free but they also have a paid version that I am sure offers you so many more amazing things. I enjoy the free one though and find they have plenty of meditations for me to