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Say Yes To New Adventures; My New Adventure

If you know me, (and well even if you don't, you will learn fast) I love helping people. I have always had this desire inside of me that I needed to save the world. After receiving my endometriosis diagnosis in 2017, that desire inside of me to help people became 20x stronger. The way health care treats women and the way I was treated, is just NOT ok. So, I decided to fight. Letting my voice be heard, sharing my story and reaching out to others struggling, became my main focus.

Now, if you are someone struggling with a chronic illness, of any sort, you know life can be difficult. Work, friendships, relationships, social outings are all affected. When I was first diagnosed, I was not in a good place. I was at a job where I felt they didn't understand me. It felt like an unhealthy environment where I would never grow. I was using my skills and talents to help someone else grow. And I got tired of it. And throw in the mix of never feeling well, it was just time to move on.

So I made a huge decision. I decided to build my own business. Joining a network marketing company with my college best friend seemed like the best idea. Long story short, it wasn't. And it had nothing to do with my friend. I loved being able to work with her. It was the company itself. The company was nothing they promised to be and I felt as though I was building a business of lies. How could I help others and myself, if I didn't believe in what I was doing? I failed miserably. My mindset of saving the world quickly turned to, maybe I am not cut out to do just that. Maybe I was only cut out to be sick.

But the spark still burned inside of me. I knew without a doubt, working for someone else was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to build my own business, help others do the same and all be successful together. But all I could think about was failing. How could you not when it seemed like nothing was going right or working out?

Over the last year my husband and I have made a lot of changes in our life. We moved somewhere new, he received a new job and I feel as though we started our life over again. I knew all these fresh starts meant I needed to start MY life over again, too. And for once, health wise I felt in a good place. I started all sorts of side jobs, or as I like to call them "my side hustles". I joined another network marketing business that I enjoyed and actually was successful at. I brought back my online boutique (something I had once loved working on), received an online writing job, did a makeover to my blog and even started substitute teaching. I was proud. I am proud. But I still felt as though SOMETHING was missing.

And what was making it even more hard, I wasn't feeling well again. I was struggling with bowel movements, anxiety and mood swings and pain from my endo were back. In full force. But my doctor refused to help me. He offered Lupron as my only choice. And if any of you know about Lupron (or experienced it yourself) probably can guess I refused the treatment.

But here I was, confused, pained and sick. Not sure what it was I needed to do to feel better and not sure what that feeling of "doing something so much more" was. One day, while sitting here working at the computer an opportunity fell into my lap. And all of a sudden this energy sparked inside of me that IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED and the MORE I was looking for.

So, I am excited to announce my joining with Vasayo. I am now a brand partner and not only ready to start helping myself feel better (and others) but to also start building my own business (and helping others do the same!) To be honest, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I quickly knew this was the journey I was looking for. My purpose and my why suddenly became clear. The fact that I can help so many people in all sorts of areas makes my heart so happy.

But I was hesitant, nervous and almost embarrassed to make this announcement. I guess just because of how many new journeys I have tried and how many of them never ended up working out. And the judgement from others of being in "network marketing" can be brutal. But you know what, when the universe puts something in your lap that you cannot stop thinking about, you just gotta run with it. My what ifs and fears of what others thought, slowly started to disappear when I saw how amazing this company was. The opportunities are endless with this company and I already see myself growing. I am finding who I am. Who I was meant to be. And even better? Found products that are helping both my anxiety and endometriosis.

So cheers to this next chapter in my life. And if you are in a place right now where you want more, reach out to me. Don't hold back and miss out on opportunities because of fear.

To watch my live announcement on FB, click here->

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