How To Stay Motivated, Even When Things Get Difficult! (Like When You Are Moving!)

Everyone goes through difficult times, no matter if it is a difficult transition (like moving, starting school again, or having a baby). Either way, staying motivated when things get difficult can be really tricky. I know that I struggle with it, and I’m sure that so many other people do, as well. That is exactly why today, I want to talk about how to stay motivated even when things get difficult - because it is possible to continue thriving during a hard transition or when you are having a bad day (after the initial shake-off, of course!). If you are going through a period of time where you’re struggling, keep reading on and let’s help each other stay positive and get motivated again. If you have any additional tips to the below, please let me know!

Take a day to regroup

First of all, getting out of a funk is hard, and sometimes it takes a reset period. That might be a couple of minutes, hours, a day, or more, depending on what you are going through. Give yourself enough time! And never feel like you have to rush.

When you give yourself this time, focus on YOU. Do what you need to get back in the right mindset again. This means, putting your phone down, doing lots of reflection time, and coming up with a plan on how to get through, and doing some fun “me” time things. This looks so different for each individual, so there is no right or wrong way to regroup, as long as you are focusing on yourself and your needs.

Write it all out

Like I briefly mentioned above, write it out. Create a plan to regroup and get back to your motivated state now, and use it going forward so that you don’t get depleted again. Keep a check list and a calendar to stay on track, so that you never feel like things are just randomly popping up. With these tools, you will be more prepared than ever!

Tackle the hard tasks first

If you are going through a big life transition and need to get things done, tackle the hard tasks first, because once you get those done, you will feel so much better and more motivated to tackle the rest of your smaller and not-so-hard or not-so-time-consuming tasks. If you get to a point where you feel like you just cannot do it all yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help! For example, if you are working on de-cluttering your home, you get through a really tough room that was so cluttered and you are just totally exhausted, consider asking friends or family members for help. If you run into something that you can’t lift yourself and you are getting angry, put down that stress and anger and hire a moving company that knows the ins and outs of heavy lifting and can do it much faster and easier than you can. For example, if you need long distance movers Tampa, MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC can help walk you through the process, without stress. They take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders and what they do bring to the table is award-winning service, plenty of experience, and a customer-focused reputation.

Learn how to balance your time

Sometimes, not balancing your time leads to major burnout. If this is what you are dealing with, know that it is absolutely essential to balance your time going forward. Figure out a way to do this! If you have a family, this is so hard to do, but a few tips and tricks will go a long way. For example, when you are at work, make sure you focus on your work so that you can get everything done in a timely manner, in order to spend more time with your family. When you are home, provide your family with lots of attention without any distractions, as much as possible. Learning how to balance it all will give you the best of both worlds!

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