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Firenze is Always a Good Idea; Florence Day 1

Morning came fast and I felt I should be way more excited that we were about to go explore a new city. But I just did not want to leave Venice. We slowly got up, got ready, packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. As we made our way to the train station, I realized the walk there wasn't as bad as we anticipated. It definitely helped that we scoped it out the night before. And hubby even kept his promise. He lugged his suitcase and mine, up the few stairs we encountered.

photo by me
Train Station in Venice

When we got there, I stayed outside, just standing there looking at the canal and beautiful building across the street, while hubby went in to check the board and see if our train updated which platform we had to go to. We were still early so we stayed outside for a while more. It was fun watching all the different sorts of people getting on and off the train, coming in and out. Laughing, stopping to take photos, drinking their coffees, on their phones . I wondered what each persons story was. Before I could get lost in anymore thought, hubby was saying we needed to go inside.

As our train and platform number updated, I took one last look of Venice, and headed to the train with hubby. We sat in our comfy seats next to an older couple who was on the same exact Costco trip as us. I dozed on and off for most of the trip but enjoyed trying to stay awake as well. As we passed through