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Easy Desk Break Yoga Stretch With Coach Rachel: Chronic Illness Edition

As someone with a chronic illness, who works from home (which I am so grateful for), sitting at my desk for long periods of time, certainly can make my endometriosis act up. My pelvis and hips become crampy and painful and I usually have to resort to my heating pad and couch for the day.

As much as I love the couch, HA, I do prefer to work at my desk. Lately, I have started working on and learning different stretches to do, throughout the day. Having these breaks every few hours, has started to help not need my heating pad as much and not resort to the couch so soon in the day.

Today, I am so excited to share with you a sweet friend of mine who put together an amazing short yoga class stretch for you to utilize, when you are needing breaks from your desk! (Even for those who are not dealing with chronic illness pain, but do sit at the desk for a long period of time, this is for you too! )

Ready to take a break and stretch out? Watch Rachel's Class below!

Rachel is a certified yoga instructor and the founder of Sleepy Santosha Yoga. She specializes in yoga for chronic pain and chronic illness since she lives with it herself. She loves helping people discover yoga and other self-care tools to help them live their best life possible.

You can practice yoga with Rachel free on YouTube, via her monthly membership program or through private sessions at

And don't forget to check out all her social media platforms for even more!

***Note: These practices and information are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. As with any exercise program, you take the risk of personal injury when you practice yoga. By joining participating in these practices, you acknowledge this risk and release Rachel Marie and Sleepy Santosha from any liability. You are responsible for your own body's well being. Please consult with your physician prior to beginning exercise.

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