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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

me and my cbd oil

Honestly, when I first started hearing about CBD oil and everyone using it, I turned my head. Not that I thought I was too good for it, but I didn't want to get 'high'. I was never into smoking weed & never understood the appeal of it. So why would I like it in oil form?

When I received my endometriosis diagnosis, I was introduced to a community of so many women suffering. For many, smoking medical marijuana and taking oils really helped them. I thought about all the medical reasons as to why I should start, but still could not bring myself to try it, just yet.

After doing months of research, and really learning what CBD oil was (wasn't like smoking marijuana), I decided maybe I should give it a shot. I was disappointed when I took it for the very first time though, and did not feel any sort of effects from it. I thought maybe because it was my first time it would take a while. Days turned into weeks and I was still not feeling anything. I am the type of person that typically does not believe in any sorts of products so I truly was not surprised it didn't work. I was still bummed though, so decided to try a few other brands, all with the same outcome, nothing.

Months later, after an ER visit, I was desperate for help. It was as if the universe knew it. A friend of mine and fellow endo warrior came to me, determined to help me. As we talked about my needs, my concerns and how badly I wanted to feel better, she introduced me to an amazing brand she had started. I excitingly ordered myself some and waited patiently for it to arrive.

As I sat there opening the package, I prepared myself for disappointment. The others did not work, so would a better brand really be any different?

HOLY FREAKING SH*T. Within 10 minutes, I felt a sense of calmness. My anxiety was at the lowest I had ever seen it. I couldn't believe it. As I continued to take it, I noticed other things too. I was sleeping better at night, my digestive issues were improving and it was helping with my cramps/aches and pains. I have been on it for about a month now, and it has been the best thing to come into my life (besides my hubby of course ;) )

So what is the liquid gold I am taking and why is it SO amazing compared to the others out there?

For those of you who are just jumping on the CBD train or still do not know much about it, let me first share with you why CBD is becoming so popular and what some of the benefits are from taking it. (See graphic below).

health benefits.

So if CBD oil has all these health benefits, how the heck do you pick the right brand? I know, that was my question for so long also. And it took a lot of research/trial and error. (Lots of error). I assumed CBD oil would all be the same. But quickly learned, they are NOT.

Here is what makes my product, the best of the best:

1) Our CBD Oil is the only patent protected oil right now. We own the exclusive rights to this product. It is proven to be 26x's more bioavailable than any other out there. This is BIG.

2) Our CBD is plant to package, made in the USA.

3) Non-GMO and 100% Organic

4) Broad Spectrum: Non Detectable THC.

This is a major concern for many who want to try CBD oil. The worry of are there traces of THC or will it show up on a drug test, cross their mind. For those that do not know, THC, is what you find in pot which gives you the high feeling. Many CBD oils advertise they do not have traces of THC, but do actually contain small traces. Not enough to get you high but enough to be scary if drug tested. Our CBD oil is made from the hemp , meaning you get all the benefits of full spectrum CBD, in a 0.00% THC broad spectrum blend.

5) Advanced Liposomal Delivery. This means you are fully absorbing every bit of the oil you are taking. Check out this short video about liposomes for a better understanding!

This is another big thing to look for when trying to decide on the brand you want. Many advertise you are observing more of the oil than you really are (2-8%). But with our liposomal CBD, because of our guaranteed absorption, you are going to absorb 80-100%.

21 reasons why

There may be a lot of companies and brands out there with CBD oil, but ours is the best of the best. I thank the CBD One heavens it found me!

Want to fall in love with it too? Purchase it here!

Questions? Email me: kimd788@comcast.net



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product info

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