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here's to an unstoppable you.

Are you a women entrepreneur facing chronic illness & mindset challenges in life & business? If so, I want you to know, you don't have to face these challenges alone. 

Living with chronic illness is literally one dumpster fire after another. It's a lot of holding back. It's a lot of feeling lonely. It's a lot of feeling frustrated and wanting to call it quits. And it is a lot of holding sh*t in so you don't feel guilty complaining or sharing your struggles with others. 

But it shouldn't be like that, it doesn't have to be like that. Not when you have someone who GETS it. Who has been through this similar dumpster fire as you. Who knows she can still thrive given the sh*tty hand she was dealt.

You can still thrive, and you don't have to do it alone. (insert my mentorship!)

so who is my mentorship for?

Women entrepreneurs dealing with chronic illness and mindset struggles done holding themselves back from things, bottling up challenges until they explode, & not allowing themselves to live up to their full beautiful potential. 

And for those who feel alone and like no one understands them. They feel like they can't find the support they need to work through certain challenges. 

Together, we can rewrite your script to transform your obstacles into opportunities. 

together, we will deep dive on:

  • coping with chronic illness struggles

  • mindset challenges 

  • challenges you feel keep coming up in biz or life 

  • setbacks 

  • emotions

  • things you have held deep that need to be released

  • strategies that best fit you to manage everything 

what it will look like:

  • confidential 1:1 mentoring sessions via dms, Voxer, or video chat- whatever you feel MOST comfortable with

  • endless empathetic listening: a safe space to express yourself, validate your emotions, w/o judgment

  • reflective insights: fresh perspectives to help you identify and challenge your struggles, limiting beliefs, blocks

  • encouragement and support: the guidance you need to take action, overcome obstacles, develop coping strategies, build resilience

  • shared experiences: as someone with a chronic illness and mindset struggles of her own, you will never feel alone with your own struggles. I will help you see that and walk you through. 

*THIS IS NOT COACHING. I WILL NOT BE TEACHING. THERE ARE NO VIDEOS YOU HAVE TO WATCH OR PORTALS TO LOG INTO. This is strictly 1:1 in depth human conversation, talking through it all. *There may be a worksheet from time to time based off what we work on (as some homework). 

my mentorship is a personalized approach.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to mentoring. It is based on your needs and your needs only. I will celebrate your success & growth and honor your struggles & setbacks. 

You don't have to walk through your struggles alone. Or keep them bottled up. I got you. 

So let's transform your struggles into strength- together! 

1- day intensive mentorship: $250

1 -week immersion mentorship: $750 

1-month mentorship: $1,500 

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