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Outsourcing your Lead Generation & growing your community never looked so good!

I'm your golden ticket to community, connection, & dm's full of genuine conversations. Let's increase your visibility & start connecting you with your dream clients, shall we?


Lead Generation & Engagement

I help you build a genuine community of dream leads by loving & nurturing those currently in your community while also generating new leads. Get ready for more inquiries, connections and sales. 


  • 25 minutes of daily engagement (Monday through Thursday) 

  • Voxer or Slack Support during the week 

  • DM management: responding to messages, genuine conversations, trust building

  • Removing spam followers/messages

  • Building your community up so that they are hot & ready for your offers ​

3 or 6 month contract

$3,600 PIF (3 months) or $7,200 PIF (6 months) (2 weeks of lead gen for FREE added into the contract). 

or $1,200 per month for 3 or 6 months 


Down in the DMs

Magic happens in the dms. That's where relationships are built, trust is formed, sales are discussed and so much more. Down in the dms is for those who enjoy handling their own engagement & feel good on the audience they are connecting with, but NEED that extra support handling the dms. *This is 100% working in the dms ONLY. No other engagement will be done. Including seeking out new accounts to connect with.


  • 25 minutes of daily dm management (Monday through Thursday). 

  • Voxer or Slack Support 

  • Making sure your dms are handled, responded to and never go left unread 

  • Sending out links as needed to your leads: free courses, schedule link, etc

  • Removing spam messages 

  • Replying to stories to start conversations 

  • Making sure there are always conversations going and that leads are always  nurtured/followed up with


Community Building Boot Camp

Community Building Boot Camp is for those not 100% ready to outsource their lead gen. In CBC, you will receive one week long of lead generation, support, & the opportunity to learn a bit more about what lead gen can do for your business. This is a great way to get a glimpse into working together & learning the basics, if doing lead gen on your own is what you prefer. 


  • One week of lead gen, 25 minutes Monday through Friday

  • Voxer or Slack Support for the week

  • The chance to get a glimpse into working together 

  • Learn the basics of lead gen 

  • A google sheet with what I did each day, suggestions, & more

  • My lead gen 5 day challenge workbook, for free


$420 for a week of lead gen and support. *We will choose the week that works best once you sign up*


Testimonials and Results

It can be hard to decide what next steps you want to take when it comes to investing in your business. I am not here to convince or force you. Only you can make that decision on your own! But here are some amazing results and testimonials from past and current clients that may help you get a better glimpse into what you can expect when we work together! 

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