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Looking to gain more Leads? Then outsourcing to a Lead Generation Specialist may be for you! 

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If you want to only focus on selling rather than the fluffy in between stuff, I can make this happen for you when we implement my “Wine, Dine + Align” strategy on your account! 


This application is for you if…

  • You are ready to nail down who you want to be reaching out to and finally be connecting with ALIGNED accounts. 

  • You need help when it comes to pitching/selling your offers in the DM's.

  • You are ready for your DM's to be filled with genuine connections, conversations, relationships and trust building.

  • You want more time to focus on other tasks. 

  • You are ready to be set up for LONG term continued relationships. 

  • You struggle moving your audience from cold to warm to hot. 

  • Looking to get more eyes on YOU + your content. Meaning, MORE people are watching you. 

  • You struggle with continuing to nurture your audience and keep relationships going. 

If you are ready to finally be done with getting frustrated by the algorithm and want to get leads no matter how often Instagram changes, then it's time to fill out an application! 

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