Karen Reid


My name is Karen Reid. I live in Renfrew.

I've just turned 21 and work as a full time carer. I am also studying to be a counselor and hope to specialize in early childhood trauma in both adults and children. My Endo makes me very sad, but I try to stay positive even though It's extremely hard. 


I started having my period when I was 10 and by age 12, I was struggling to cope. My mum took me to the Drs. and I got something called Ponstan. It didn't really help but that's all they would give me as I was young. Over the years, I went to the Drs. countless times. I've tried all the birth control there is; IUD, the implant, the pill etc. And nothing helped my bleeding. It just made my mental state worse. I really struggled in school with my pain and constantly had UTIs. I often didn't attend class because I couldn't bare getting out of bed. So many people thought I was being lazy but I genuinely just couldn't move. Things got so bad that when I was 15, I had to go to therapy as I was thinking about suicide 24-7; which the pill was making worse. At the age of 17, I started passing tissue clots around the size of a large grape. 

I was taken to the hospital, and they told me to rest and that I should take pain killers. When I was 18, I was scheduled for a laparoscopy. But unfortunately the morning of my operation, the Drs. said that my iron levels were too low and they couldn't safely carry the operation out. Then after two years of trying different pain meds to no avail, I was given a laparoscopy (29/10/18). I was 20 years old. 

They found that I had Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. They had to drill my right ovary and take Endo out that had spread all up my back. Before the lap I used to bleed for around 9 days nonstop. After my laparoscopy, I was bleeding a little more than usual but knew that would happen after surgery. The months after have been horrific. Last month I bleed straight for three weeks and had to go to the hospital as I was so exhausted I was fainting. At the hospital they examined me and gynecology said I wasn't bad enough to be kept in. I had to be given morphine and anti sickness which they injected into my buttocks.

My Pain-

The pain I get is honestly sometimes unbearable. I use a tens machine along with hot water bottles and meds to control my pain as best I can. I often feel like my back is breaking in half and someone is sawing it apart. I get pain in my ovaries that feel like glass, sand and dirt are rubbing against me. My tummy gets swollen almost every day at some point and I have a hard time dealing with the stretchmarks on my skin. Sometimes I'm in so much pain that my partner and I cannot have sex/will start but need to stop, because it simply hurts too much and I'll be shaking in agony and crying. One night I was crying on the floor, crying in agony, and nothing was helping. I went to the Drs. the next morning and they told me I was having Braxton Hicks despite not being pregnant!

Advice I'd give to others- You know what your body is telling you. Listen to it and don't be discouraged by others. 💛

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