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I guarantee that you will land 30 new leads inside your audience that you can pitch your offer to or I’ll work with you until you do! 

Everything you need to know about lead gen + growing your biz is here!

It’s time to wine and dine your ideal clients on Instagram because just like any other business partnership, your ideal clients want to know that they will be taken care of and feel connected to you rather than just tossing up $$$$ signs! 

A friendship is ongoing and it requires effort from both sides. In the business world, why do you think service providers take their potential clients to dinner? To build a relationship through trust and connection…you have to do the same with your Instagram audience!

Inside “Fill Your Instagram with Hot and Ready Leads” you will…


  • Master my 6 step framework to go from lead to client inside 6 learning modules 

  • Problem-solve ideal client objections and ghosted conversations with side by side feedback from Kimberli through Voxer access- a voice app where you can get in touch with me during business hours regarding ALL lead gen questions and concerns with implementing my framework 

  • Consistently analyze your lead generation data with Kimberli’s exclusive lead tracker template 

  • Action plan your lead generation strategy using my framework inside my exclusive “Hot to Buy” Workbook 

  • Deep dive into a lead generation case study each month to understand how your leads convert over time 

  • Spend less time on Instagram each week with my engagement strategy planning guidebook

  • Have real relationships with your ideal clients that feel natural using my DM Conversation Templates

  • Know the exact hashtags, key words, and engagement strategies to shift the algorithm so that your ideal client comes to you using my Instagram posting planner

  • Understand exactly what kinds of DM’s cause your Instagram audience to convert into paying clients

  • Set better boundaries with social media and still get the results you want using my Hot to Buy Engagement Weekly Checklist


This program is for online service providers who…⬇️⬇️

  • Spend countless hours searching for ideal clients on Instagram but haven’t had a lot of luck in gaining new followers that want to buy from you

  • Want to know how to pitch in the DM’S after you’ve built a relationship so that your ideal client is actually ready to say yes to you

  • Want to be confident and at peace that your dream buyers are in your audience and will buy from you when they're HOT N READY!

  • You always hear about how people make 10 figure months with less than 500 followers but you don’t just don’t understand how this is possible

  • You want to land new clients through Instagram with ease 


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The Curriculum


Module #1 FORM

Get to Know Your Ideal Client Like Never Before

  • Lesson 1- How you can shift the algorithm to bring in hot leads

  • Lesson 2- My lead gen strategy that brought in 19k for one client

  • Lesson 3- Diagnose what’s missing in your message for hot leads

  • Lesson 4- The research proven 6 step lead generation implementation framework  

  • Lesson 5- Landing your dream clients 



Hashtags and Keywords as the Magic Key to Unlocking Sales

  • Lesson 1- Research and solidify hashtags that call in your dream clients to your audience 

  • Lesson 2- The power of keyword searches and how to make sure you Instagram bio has them

  • Lesson 3- Bullet proof your keyword and hashtag strategy


Module #3- RESET

 Eliminate misalignment between the algorithm and your ideal client

  • Lesson 1- Defining the algorithm so you can evolve your strategy as it changes

  • Lesson 2- Change the algorithm using my 3 step method

  • Lesson 3- Maintaining the “health” of your Instagram audience


Module #4 DESIGN

Stop wanting to start a fight with the algorithm 

  • Lesson 1-Build relationships using the algorithm to your advantage

  • Lesson 2- Demystify the art of tasteful Instagram engagement

  • Lesson 3- Spend less time engaging with better results

  • Lesson 4- Time management hacks to master social media engagement


Module #5 - EMERGE

Transition from warm to ready right now in the DM'S

  • Lesson 1- Moving your leads to HOT STATUS! 

  • Lesson 2- From cold to hot using my cycle of engagement

  • Lesson 3- How and why to continue nurturing your audience without burning out

  • Lesson 4- The signs of a “ready to buy” client


Module #6 EVALUATE

Make your transition into selling smooth as butter

  • Lesson 1- Timing is everything

  • Lesson 2- Sell without really selling

  • Lesson 3- Handling the No’s with BAM energy

My intention for Fill Your Instagram Account With hot and ready leads is to help online service providers like yourself, learn how to bring in their leads and grow their business genuinely with dream clients. 

You will be provided with a step-by-step framework of how you can implement lead gen on your own account so you can start seeing the results you have been waiting for, in your biz! 

Enroll by November 7th to claim these bonuses: 

  • BONUS LEAD GEN TEMPLATE: Why Your Lead Isn’t Convert into a Paying Client

  • BONUS MINI TRAINING #1: How to Make 10K in Your DM’s Right Now

  • BONUS MINI TRAINING #2: Make Your Audience Hot to Buy in Just 10 Minutes a Day

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