Follower Count Review

How do you ensure you are building a follower count that actually wants to buy from you?


My Instagram engagement strategy doesn’t focus on increasing your number of followers, but it focuses on engaging ideal clients already in your audience that want to buy from you! Here’s what my clients have been able to do after I executed my authentic engagement strategy on their accounts:

  • My client brought in 4K in revenue with less than 400 followers

  • My client booked out her recurring payment membership program with less than 3000 followers

  • My client account landed 10 paid partnerships with female brands with less than 2000 followers



Want to discover if people in your audience want to buy from you? During my 15 minute $15.00 “Follower Count Review”, you’ll walk away with the following:

  • Hashtags that fit your ideal client profile to bring in more leads that turn into customers

  • Percent of your audience you need to convert in your current following to meet your revenue goals

  • Percent of your ideal clients that are currently engaged with your content

  • Action steps you can implement today to get more of your ideal clients engaged with your content without increasing your following