Fast Track Your Ideal Client Engagement In Just 10 Minutes

Why do I focus on ideal client engagement and not increasing your following first?

  • If you want an audience that will buy from you, you want your ideal client in your audience. Followers don’t mean ideal clients.

  • When I target your ideal client profile, the algorithm will shift to start drawing that ideal client into your audience naturally which builds your follower count organically. 

  • By prioritizing your ideal client, you prioritize building your following with ideal clients, not misaligned accounts that will not buy from you. 


So what does the fast track get you?

  • Ten minutes of daily engagement on your account each day to see an increased engagement in your ideal client follower count OR GET YOUR $ back!

  • DM message engagement with 10 ideal clients to make authentic connections.

  • Follower “clean up” to shift the algorithm to bring your ideal client to you.

“In just 1 week of working on my account, Kimberli brought in 16 new ideal clients to my audience by engaging with followers already in my audience, that are ideal clients.”
-Christina Welty Founder of Hart For Children