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what is community building camp?

CBC is a week long of 1:1 hands on learning in your account, all about lead gen. While also having me in your account actually handling your lead gen for the week and building up your community! During the week of camp you will: 

  • learn the behind the scenes of working together 
  • learn what lead gen is 
  • get a better understanding of how it will benefit your business 
  • watch how it is done while I physically work inside your account 
  • have Voxer access to me for questions and support 
  • be able to better understand on how to do lead gen yourself or if it is something you would like to outsource completely

Whether you are:

1) already killing it by doing lead gen yourself but thinking of outsourcing it
2) hate lead gen and need the help 
3) want to learn how to improve what you are doing so you can do your own lead gen....

CBC is for you! 

Camp is ONE week long. This will be an ongoing service and the week of camp will be based on what week works best for us both. You will also receive my 5 day lead gen challenge workbook for free, for signing up for camp! 

It's time to learn the ins and outs of lead gen so you can start building an engaged community full of -"I'm so ready to work with you", clients. (but also, great besties, collaborations and other amazing opportunities). 

A week of CBC and Voxer support is $420 or two payments of $210. 
If you are wanting to join CBC but need the payment plan please email me at 

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