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Unlock the power of
community, connectio
n, &
genuine conversations!

Community engagement is your

golden ticket to increasing visibility, building meaningful relationships,

trust, & DM's that spark real conversations with your dream clients.


Let's ignite your online presence and foster authentic engagement - shall we?

community engagement vip week with purple face

Are you craving a thriving community? Then lets unlock your community's potential, together. VIP week is a week of supercharging your community & building engaged, genuine connections for online service providers & coaches. 

Let's bring a little more spark and connection into your community.

  • whether you are getting ready to launch & are looking to make deeper connections before you do. 

  • you are already connecting with your community but you could use help going even deeper with building relationships.

  • you are looking for more info about community engagement and could really use the push to get started. 

  • you have a week you really want to stay/be active in your community. 

  • you are looking to amp up your conversations or looking to see more convos happening in your dms. 

Entering a VIP week, you will walk away with:

  • a week of support from me

  • a week of community engagement

  • a week of connections (new and old) being made, loved, and nurtured

  • a better understanding as to why genuine community engagement is crucial for your  business

  • tools to continue community engagement on your own 

  • a community who sees you and is excited to be connected with you

VIP WEEK + SUPPORT IS $499 for ONE week OR $944 for TWO weeks.

Once you sign up, we will pick which month and week(s) works best!

*Please note: You can sign up for VIP weeks as often as you would like! They can be monthly, every other month, just one month. And you can choose up to TWO weeks of support each month.*

testimonials and results with pink smiley face

It can be hard to decide what next steps you want to take when it comes to investing in your business. I am not here to convince or force you. Only you can make that decision on your own! But here are some amazing results and testimonials from past and current clients that may help you get a better glimpse into what you can expect when we work together! 

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