Casey Nell Orlando 


My name is Casey and I discovered I had endometriosis at 23.

I was very sick in college with my bowels. I would throw up every morning before class. I knew I wasn't pregnant, so I ignored my symptoms. After I graduated I had to move from my college dorm to my fiancé's house , and my parents moved too. I drank a bunch of caffeine that summer and that's when my pelvic pain started. (Caffeine is a huge inflammatory for me!) I still ignored my symptoms. It wasn't until months later when I could no longer have sex that I realized I had a real problem. I was in a lot of pain. Diagnosing my endometriosis was horrible at first. 

Gynecologists told my mom I had pregnancy symptoms and tests proved I wasn't. One doctor even told me "I just wasn't attracted to my fiancé anymore and thats why sex with him hurt me". 😡 I kept looking for answers and going to different specialists. Finally I found a reproductive surgeon who after listening to my symptoms, diagnosed me. I had a laparoscopic procedure first, but I still had pain. 

I went back and had an exploratory laparotomy. I had bed rest for two months. I still experience pain today and I manage it with massages, physical therapy, and by avoiding inflammatory foods and drinks. I know when I have a cocktail 🍹- I will hurt the next day. I gave up prescription pain killers because they were so addictive. I'm lucky to have a loving fiancé who knows when I'm having a flare, to take care of me.  

My advice to all endometriosis sufferers is to never give up on finding the right doctor. I have been yelled at by a doctor and accused of pill searching. I didn't let that stop me from seeking additional treatment. 💛

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you can find her on Instagram  @caseyorlando . 

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