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What is Activate Your Community and who is it for?

Activate Your Community is one week of Lead Generation done in your account, by me for powerhouse coaches + osps who: 

  • are wanting to get a glimpse of what working with me would look like.
  • could use a week of extra lead generation help in their account.
  • are tired of having just an audience, and are ready to take a look at what lead generation can do to activate their community. 

What if you had that extra push, to help you reach your goals to start seeing your audience turn into a HELL yes community?

What can you expect?

  • One week of lead gen done by, me!

  • 10 NEW leads, welcomed to your community by the end of the week. 

  • Current leads, being loved and nurtured.

  • Convos, relationships and trust being built in your DM's.

  • Management of comments, followers, DM's.

  • Engagement and account housekeeping.

  • Voxer access, to me, to ask questions the entire week and for check ins. 

    • depending on how many in group- a group chat will be put together where you can connect with others + ask questions there as well.

  • Bonus*- my Lead Generation workbook for FREE ($12 value)

To join a week of AYC  the price is $298.

Once you join, we will pick out a week that works for you!

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